Grace Poe lived in one of the richest and most exclusive neighbourhoods in America

Grace Poe’s American home was located in Oak Hill Virginia, one of the wealthiest communities in the US. Oak Hill is wealthier than 99.7% of America’s neighbourhoods. Oak Hill real estate price is more expensive than 94.4% of the neighbourhoods in the US.  
  1. An incorrect response to an accurate investigation
  A few days ago, in response to OSI’s investigation findings, Grace Poe expanded on her earlier statements that she understands overseas Filipinos’ situation because she also didn’t live an easy life abroad: “All of us who can go abroad, we do that to provide a decent living for our families. In my case, we worked hard, took on decent jobs. We built that house with hard-earned money.” That was incorrect. How many overseas Filipinos who “work hard” and “took on decent job”, own million dollar mansions in the US? How many of them use their “hard-earned money” to pay for a tax property that alone is around $10,000/year? Grace Poe lived a lavish and luxury life in America. She bought her million-dollar house in 1999 immediately after it was built. The house is located in 2809 Winter Oaks Way, in Herndon, a town in Fairfax County, Virginia, in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Grace Poe owned one of the most expensive houses in the entire county.  
  1. Oak Hill – the astonishing neighbourhood
Grace Poe’s home was so expensive not only because it is big, but also because it is located in one of the most exclusive neighbourhoods in America, Oak Hill Virginia.   According to the United States Census Bureau, Oak Hill is one of the wealthiest communities in the US. In fact, a mere 0.3% of America's neighbourhoods are wealthier than the neighbourhood Grace Poe lived in. The real estate price there is more expensive than 94.4% of the neighbourhoods in the U.S. 99.8% of the Oak Hill’s residents are high-level people. The cars driven by the residents are mostly luxury brands like BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and Audi. The residents send their children to private schools and take exclusive vacations. Grace Poe was even wealthier than her wealthy American neighbours. Her house worth 947,000 dollars which is 50 percent more than the Oak Hill median real estate price (about 638,000 dollars) grace_poe_neighborhood_2   In 2001, when she renounced her Philippine citizenship, Grace Poe was living in a million dollar mansion in one of the most exclusive and expensive neighbourhoods in America.