In a world where fake news and misinformation have become widespread, we are here to deliver the truth when it comes to those trying to manipulate us.

Fake news and misinformation have a clear and growing negative impact on countries’ stability, human rights and the rule of law – the basic tenets of a free world. Because of them, citizens and groups all over the world are disempowered.

Abuses of all sorts, misinformation and distortion of truth have become more interconnected than ever. Our mission is to connect the dots, which often implies cross-border investigations.

Starting April 2023, Open Source Investigations has an entirely new team. OSI is published by a group of journalists and researchers from across the globe led by Mugur Ciuvica. Investigations conducted by the former team are available here. Some articles were removed for not aligning with the standards of the new team.

Mugur Ciuvica is a former presidential adviser and a digital investigation journalist with more than 25 years of experience in political investigations.