The shades of war

The recent events developing in Syria have yet again left the world in shock, reminding us that the drums of war have not gone silent yet. In order to understand what has transpired in the last couple of days, we first have to realize that the truth is somewhere in the middle, with both of the sides involved trying to undermine the other, by any means necessary. What we know so far: around 50 people have been killed in a gas attack allegedly orchestrated by the Syrian Government in the town of Khan Sheikhun, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British-based organisation that monitors the civil war in Syria. The attack prompted the US to launch 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian-held Airbase, marking the first international incident that the Trump administration is being held responsible for. The alleged chemical attack was conducted via the use of sarin gas, a highly deadly chemical nerve agent that is easily absorbed by the human skin upon contact. However, the OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) inspected Syria in 2013 and found that the Assad regime has removed all chemical weapons from its stock pile, whilst also reporting that ISIS and some FSA groups have obtained chemical WMD’s (Weapons of Mass Destruction) somehow. The fact that this attack was conducted on ISIS-held areas points to three possible scenarios:
  1. The attack on Khan Sheikun was orchestrated by the Russian Air Force or the Syrian Air Force, who targeted ammo depots held by either ISIS or the rebel affiliated groups. As mentioned above, according to the OPCW, both of the terrorist groups have reportedly obtained chemical weapons ever since 2013, and have been using them against the SAA (Syrian Arab Army) forces or civilian areas (as proven in 2013, when the Assad regime was blamed for a chemical attack, only to be proven later that that was not the case, the rebels being the ones responsible for everything).
  2. The attack on Khan Sheikun was orchestrated by the Syrian Air Force, with direct knowledge from the Syrian Government and President Bashar Al-Assad.
  3. The attack on Khan Sheikun is a false-flag orchestrated by the rebel groups in order to garner support from the international scene, as seen in the 2013 chemical attacks that tried to pull the US to invade Syria.
  Now, let’s see the facts that makes everything more complicated:
  1. The group that first reported about the chemical attacks is “White Helmets” – a known, proven terrorist organisation that has been operating in Syria as a so-called humanitarian aid force. “White Helmets” is an Al-Qaeda affiliated group that has some shady connections with the West, from funding to actual support – the latest being that the “White Helmets” documentary has won an Oscar in 2016, even though the group is well-known in orchestrating false-flag events and operating in ISIS-held areas, with the full support of the later. What is even more amazing is the fact that none of the “White Helmets” first responders had any gloves or protective gear, and the pictures and the videos that have been reported from Khan Sheikun clearly show people a mere 10 feet away from the attack without any protective gear whatsoever – skin-to-skin contact with the victims or the near vicinity of the attack, in regards to the sarin gas, proves more than deadly.

2. Feras Karam, a Syrian TV announcer based in rebel held areas, has stated on Twitter “Tomorrow starting, a media campaign to cover the density of air raids on rural Hama and the use of chlorine poison against the children” – 24 hours before the attack even occurred.

3. A Pakistani-British former doctor (medical license revoked), Shajul Islam, who is facing terrorist charges for kidnapping and torturing two British journalists in Syria, was seen giving interviews with the press on site, rather than helping the victims of the attack, even though he described himself as the lead doctor in treating all of the patients in Khan Sheikun.

While we have no definite proof in order to completely corroborate the real truth, something truly is fishy in this situation. Why would President Assad use chemical weapons against a remote location, when his situation in Syria was turning in his favour, from all sides? Why would the Russians allow him to use the chemical weapons, knowing full on that the response from the international community would escalate drastically? Who benefits most from all of this – the rebels on the ground, or the Assad regime? This is not about defending the Al-Assad regime or the Russians, but rather to find out the real truth about this whole situation. In terms of warfare and geopolitics, this move, if done by them, is completely illogical. The US administration, via Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, have stated two weeks ago that Bashar Al-Assad would remain in charge of the Syrian Government, as he is an asset in the fight against ISIS. This paradigm has now completely changed, with the US administration citing the need for Assad to be completely removed from power – is this what Assad or the Russians want? Or is this what the radical Islamist rebel group wants? The real truth is out there and it’s completely up to us to find it. As seen in 2013 as well, the Mainstream Media is yet again powering up the propaganda against the Russians and the Assad regime, with no definite proof that it was them behind the attack. Mind you, the only actual proofs that corroborates this story are the videos and photos taken by a terrorist organisation – the White Helmets – that have been circulating massively in the Western media outlets like wildfire in the last couple of days. War is cruel and war is driven by emotions. And what better way to start a war than to use images and videos of young, innocent kids in harm’s way? [A picture of a young boy, allegedly dead from the sarin gas attack, that has been circulating in the Western Media in the last couple of days – proven to be fake]   White Helmets Terrorist Organisation source (documented):