How to live a life of “booze and partying” in a country you don’t even like – The outrageous case of Akufo Addo’s Nigerian son-in-law

Stanley Obaze is a Nigerian. He doesn’t like Ghana, but has been forced to spend some time in Accra because his wife, Valerie Obaze, has been strongly involved in her father’s presidential campaigns. Valerie Obaze is Nana Akufo Addo’s daughter. The Nigerian is Nana Akufo Addo’s son-in-law. While claiming his simple life, his hardships and difficulties, his hunger and despair, his honesty and poverty, Akufo Addo has provided a lavish lifestyle for his Nigerian son-in-law. Ghana is nothing but a place to drink and party for Stanley Obaze. Akufo Addo bought him a million dollar property, a $35,000 dollars watch, a brand new iPhone. Stanley Obaze drinks champagne that costs hundreds, flies business class and stays in luxury hotels. However he still hates Ghana and wants “out of this country”.   Akufo Addo’s family wants “out of Ghana” Akufo Addo has told Ghanaian youth: “I love Ghana more than myself”. In fact, Akufo Addo and his family have left Ghana to live a lavish and luxury life in London. They hate being in Ghana. On 10 July 2013, while in Ghana, Stanley Obaze, Akufo-Addo’s son-in-law, posted on his Twitter account: “I want out of this country”. stanley_obaze_1   A life of “booze and partying in Ghana” while claiming to live “in hardships and difficulties” Akufo Addo has told Ghanaian youth: “We are living today in hardships and difficulties”. In fact, Ghana is nothing else but a place to drink and party for Akufo Addo’s Nigerian son-in-law. “I thought I left the booze and partying in Ghana”, Stanley Obaze wrote on social media in Jauary 2013 when he left the country. stanley_obaze_2 stanley_obaze_3   $35,000 Rolex while claiming “normal, simple life” One of Akufo Addo’s daughters has told Ghanaians: “Our father raised us to live normal, simple life”. On April 2 2015, Akufo Addo’s son-in-law posted a picture of his new watch on social media. It is a ROLEX Day-Date President with gold case and gold bracelet. Akufo-Addo paid 35,000 US dollars for Stanley Obaze’s watch. stanley_obaze_4   A million dollar property while claiming honesty Akufo Addo has told Ghanaian youth: “I am coming to use the resources of this nation, not to enrich myself, but for the benefit of all Ghanaians”. In fact, Akufo Addo enriched himself while in power and gave his son-in-law a million dollar property. stanley_obaze_5   “Champaign and prawns for lunch” while claiming hunger and despair Akufo Addo has told Ghanaians: “Ghanaian youth are angry, hungry and have given up any hope”. Akufo Addo’s Nigerian son-in-law is happy, glutted and full of hope. He eats prawns and drinks champagne for lunch. stanley_obaze_6   Lavish lifestyle while claiming poverty Akufo Addo’s has told Ghanaian youth: “Bad governance has made us poor”. In fact, his family’s lavish lifestyle is an affront to the Ghanaian people. Akufo Addo’s Nigerian son-in-law brags with his brand new thousand dollar phone, drinks champagne that costs hundreds, flies business class and stays in luxury hotels. stanley_obaze_7 stanley_obaze_8 stanley_obaze_9 stanley_obaze_10    “Daughter of The Most High” Stanley Obaze is married to Valerie Obaze, Nana Akufo Addo’s daughter. Valerie, who brands herself as the “Daughter of The Most High” on social media, is an NPP activist and very active in her father’s presidential campaigns, preaching about Nana Akufo Addo’s promise of “empowering people to afford their daily bills”. valerie_obaze_1 valerie_obaze_2   Nana Akufo Addo is a hypocrite candidate. While pretending to be poor, simple, hungry and desperate, he spends millions on his family's lavish lifestyle.