Neil Llamanzares’ secret: A US military man in Malacañang

Grace Poe’s husband, Teodoro “Neil” Llamanzares, served in the US Army from 1988 to 1992. In 1991, Grace Poe married an American soldier. From 1991 to 1992, she lived in an Air Force base housing in Washington DC. Brian Llamanzares was born in the US military base. Neil Llamanzares is loyal to his country, United States of America.   An American military wife Grace Poe is not telling the truth about her life in the US. She is not telling the truth about her American life style, money, jobs and houses. And she is not telling the truth about her American husband either. On 14 June 2014, addressing hundreds of Filipino-Americans in Los Angeles, Grace Poe talked about her ”immigrant life in the US”. It was when her husband got a job in the US, Grace Poe claimed, that they decided to live as immigrants in a country where “opportunities are limitless for those who work hard". That was another lie. Grace Poe got married to Teodoro „Neil” Llamanzares on 27 July 1991 in the Philippines. On July 29, the newlyweds went to the United States. Neil Llamanzares didn't get any job in the US in the two days between the wedding ceremony and the departure. He already had a job: Neil Llamanzares was serving in the US Air Force. Although her husband didn't wear his uniform at the wedding, the simple truth is that Grace Poe, the current Philippine presidential candidate, married an American soldier. The couple didn't leave the Philippines to live "as immigrants" in the US, as Grace Poe pretends in her bogus stories. (This is quite ridiculous since Neil Llamanzares is a US citizen by birth). They moved to a US Air Force base in Washington DC. Grace Poe's first home in the US as a married woman was an American military base. For more than a year, Grace Poe was an American military wife living in a military base housing. Her first child, Brian, was born in the army housing community. Neil Llamanzares was honourably discharged from the US military in 1992. He graduated from George Washington University School of Business in 1998. So, obviously, it was not him who earned the money to pay for the million dollar house in Herndon. In 1998, Grace Poe was a preschool teacher and her husband was a student. Still, Grace Poe keeps telling that a student and a preschool teacher used their "hard earned money" to buy a mansion in the US, which is offensive to the overseas Filipino workers.   The question of loyalty Is Neil Llamanzares' US military background an issue? Yes, according to Grace Poe. Otherwise she wouldn't lie about it, she wouldn't announce her husband’s planned renunciation of American citizenship, she wouldn't give false assurance that Filipinos "will not have an American boy in Malacañang". But more importantly Neil Llamanzares' background in the US Air Force is an issue because the Philippines are a sovereign state. And in a sovereign state the idea of a First Gentleman who is a citizen of a foreign country and served for several years in that foreign country's army is unthinkable. It's a simple question of loyalty. Grace Poe's loyalty to the Philippines is more than questionable. Her husband's allegiance is doubtful. Neil Llamanzares is loyal to his country, United States of America.