Sweden charges man for spreading sensitive military information online

Swedish prosecutors said that a 50-year-old man was charged on Thursday with spreading sensitive military information online, according to AP News.

The man, who authorities didn’t identify, administered a database that was used for the exchange of secret information, said Lars Hedvall, a senior prosecutor with the National Security Unit. The information was posted in a forum that he allegedly was responsible for.

He was charged with suspected “gross unauthorized possession of secret information” and sharing “secret and sensitive information about a large number of defense facilities” online.

Hedvall called the man’s alleged actions “serious” because the information was “of great importance for the defense of the kingdom.”

It is unclear whether a foreign power actually got hold of the information that was spread on the unnamed forum where he posted the information.

Hedvall told Swedish news agency TT that the 50-year man is ”a private person who has a very big interest in defense facilities.” Citing the charge sheet, TT said the man disseminated secret and sensitive information about a large number of defense facilities between 2015 and 2017.

Sweden’s domestic security agency was involved in the investigation. No date for a trial was announced.