‘Mastermind’ of Europe’s biggest tax scandal loses case over conviction

Hanno Berger, a German lawyer once dubbed the “mastermind” of Cum-Ex, lost a fight over a conviction in the tax scandal that robbed billions of euros from government coffers and ensnared some of Wall Street’s biggest banks, according to Bloomberg.

The Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe rejected his bid to topple a separate tribunal’s decision to uphold his conviction to eight years in prison, handed down by a Bonn court.

In the latest ruling, Germany’s top court said the lawyer’s arguments weren’t enough to merit a further review by judges, according to a statement on its website on Tuesday. 

Berger’s complaint targeted his conviction in Bonn where he stood trial over transactions that cost Germany €278 million. As part of that verdict, the judges also seized €13.7 million from the attorney. In a separate case in Wiesbaden, he’d been sentenced to another eight years and three months in May 2023.