Court Order Requires NSO Group to Disclose Details of Pegasus Spyware

A US court has ordered NSO Group, an Israeli cybersecurity company, to disclose documents and code related to its controversial Pegasus spyware to WhatsApp. This decision marks a significant step towards accountability for the individuals targeted with Pegasus, and sends a strong message to the surveillance industry.

Amnesty International welcomes the ruling, emphasizing its potential to benefit 1,400 WhatsApp users targeted in this case, as well as countless others impacted by Pegasus globally. However, the organization expresses disappointment that NSO Group will not be required to reveal the identities of its clients, who ultimately authorized the targeting.


This decision stems from a lawsuit filed by WhatsApp in 2019, alleging that NSO Group used Pegasus to target its users. The court order requires NSO Group to disclose information for a two-year period surrounding the alleged attacks, potentially offering insights into the functionality and capabilities of the spyware.

This development follows similar efforts in Poland and Spain, where investigations into the misuse of Pegasus against political figures are underway.

Concerns Remain

Amnesty International highlights the widespread misuse of Pegasus for human rights violations against activists, journalists, and even the family of Jamal Khashoggi. They urge for continued efforts to hold those responsible accountable and provide redress for the victims.

Overall, this court order is a positive step towards transparency and accountability in the realm of surveillance technology. However, the fight for justice continues as long as the identities of those who authorized the misuse of Pegasus remain hidden.

Responding to the news, the Head of the Security Lab at Amnesty International, Donncha Ó Cearbhaill said: “This decision brings us a step closer towards accountability for up to 1,400 WhatsApp users targeted with Pegasus spyware in this case, as well as the countless other individuals around the world, who have continued to be targeted since this case was filed in 2019. This court order sends a clear signal to the surveillance industry that it cannot continue to enable spyware abuse with impunity. While the court’s decision is a positive development, it is disappointing that NSO Group will be allowed to continue keeping the identity of its clients, who are responsible for this unlawful targeting, secret. NSO Group says that it only sells Pegasus to authorized government customers. Our Security Lab has documented the massive scale and breadth of the use of Pegasus against human rights defenders and journalists across the world. It is vital that targets of Pegasus find out who has purchased and deployed the spyware against them so that they can seek meaningful redress.”