22Mar 2016

Lavish birthday celebration amid severe drought. Huge birthday cakes served to the presidential couple amid starvation fears. 92 years old Robert Mugabe, who has been ruling Zimbabwe with an iron fist for almost three decades, has no sense of decency. Dictators tend to live longer … … but Robert Mugabe seems immortal. The world’s oldest… Continue reading

19Mar 2016

Clare Rewcastle, the British blogger and one of the main faces behind the plot to oust the Malaysian Prime Minister, is bankrolled by just two sources, OSI can reveal. Despite trying to present herself as an independent journalist, funded by ‘a steady stream of small donations’, sources close to the blogger have revealed that over… Continue reading

10Mar 2016

Clare Rewcastle campaign to oust the Malaysian PM using stolen and edited documents suffered further humiliation today after her claims were proved wrong by both the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and the Swiss Attorney General.   A spiral of lies  What does a person do when she is caught for dishonesty: apologizes, and acknowledges the… Continue reading