17May 2016

The son of the King of Saudi Arabia has became the latest to confirm that the Gulf kingdom’s royal family did make the donation to the Malaysian PM Najib Razak. Prince Sultan Salman Abdulaziz Al Saud’s confirmation follows that of Saudi’s Foreign Minister, Malaysia’s MACC and Malaysia’s Attorney General. For almost a year, Malaysia’s former… Continue reading

27Apr 2016

Malaysia’s former PM Mahathir Mohamad is facing a growing backlash for attacking his own countrymen and talking down Malaysia. For more than a year now, Dr Mahathir has plotted to oust Najib and tried to line up his son for Prime Minister. But his plot has backfired as his repeated accusations against Najib have been… Continue reading

15Apr 2016

The Saudi Foreign Minister has confirmed that the Kingdom’s royal family donated $680 million to Prime Minister Najib Razak proving beyond doubt that claims the money had come from state fund 1MDB were wrong. For that last year, Razak’s political opponents have plotted to oust the democratically-elected PM, using stolen data. Razak’s predecessor Dr Mahathir… Continue reading

07Apr 2016

Plotters trying to bring down the democratically-elected Prime Minister of Malaysia were dealt a decisive hammer blow today after another key claim was proved wrong by the very investigation they initiated. The cross-party parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) today published their long-awaited in-depth report into state fund 1MDB. The exhaustive, year-long investigation was sparked when… Continue reading

25Mar 2016

For a long time, Clare Rewcastle Brown railed against former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. She branded him a “dictator”, who had “sucked his country dry” and detailed how his retirement was only a façade covering his intention to “take care of the business”, concentrating “on the core business aspect that is worth hundreds of… Continue reading

19Mar 2016

Clare Rewcastle, the British blogger and one of the main faces behind the plot to oust the Malaysian Prime Minister, is bankrolled by just two sources, OSI can reveal. Despite trying to present herself as an independent journalist, funded by ‘a steady stream of small donations’, sources close to the blogger have revealed that over… Continue reading

10Mar 2016

Clare Rewcastle campaign to oust the Malaysian PM using stolen and edited documents suffered further humiliation today after her claims were proved wrong by both the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and the Swiss Attorney General.   A spiral of lies  What does a person do when she is caught for dishonesty: apologizes, and acknowledges the… Continue reading