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Clare Rewcastle campaign to oust the Malaysian PM using stolen and edited documents suffered further humiliation today after her claims were proved wrong by both the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and the Swiss Attorney General.


A spiral of lies

 What does a person do when she is caught for dishonesty: apologizes, and acknowledges the mistake; pretends that nothing happened; or lies even more, trying to cover a lie with another lie? It seems that Clare Rewcastle is the third kind of person.

On 26th of January 2016, based on MACC investigation, Malaysia’s Attorney General, Mohamed Apandi Ali, cleared Prime Minister Najib Razak of any wrongdoing in the 1MDB scandal. There was no amount of money channelled from 1MDB’s funds into bank accounts linked to the Prime Minister. In 2013, Najib Razak received a donation from the Saudi royal family. The fact was corroborated by the donor himself during witness testimony. The donation was given to Najib Razak “without any consideration” and did not involve any money from 1MDB. Most of the sum was returned to the Saudi royal family in August 2013, about five months after the transfer „because the sum was not utilised”.

There was nothing unusual about that donation to Malaysia. Egypt, Jordan, Sudan and Morocco have also been beneficiaries of multi hundred million dollar donations from the Saudi royal family.

The Saudis fund moderate Muslim leaders in an effort to curb the growth of Islamist-inspired terrorism and Najib Razak has been targeted by ISIS.

The case was closed and the campaign to oust Najib proved false. But Clare Rewcastle, whose company was rescued from the brink of insolvency after she agreed to campaign against Malaysia’s democratically elected Prime Minister, decided not to apologize or to pretend that nothing happened. She decided to make more false allegations, fantasizing about MACC wanting a review of the Attorney General’s decision, the Swiss Attorney General’s Office investigating Najib and the authorities in Switzerland being frustrated with Malaysia’s handling of the issue.


Rewcastle exposed again

Referring to MACC’s investigations, Malaysian Government Minister Datuk Seri Azalina Othman told the country’s Parliament today: “On the RM2.6 billion case, based on the witness and supporting documents submitted, the MACC has confirmed that the donation had come personally from the Saudi royals”.

MACC’s investigation began last July and concluded in December, when papers on the case were submitted to the Malaysian Attorney General. The contents of those papers were private, so today’s statement by the Minister is the clearest indication so far of MACC’s views.

On 1 February the Swiss Office of Attorney General (OAG) said that Najib Razak was not a suspect in their wider investigation of 1MDB: “In the ongoing criminal proceeding of the OAG, Najib Razak is not one of the public officials under accusation”.

In separate developments today, the Swiss Attorney General said Malaysia was co-operating well with his investigation into 1MDB: “The OAG took note with satisfaction of the reaction of its Malaysian counterpart and of its commitment to fully support Switzerland’s request for mutual assistance”.

Today’s disclosure of MACC’s findings and announcement of the Swiss Attorney General are the latest demolitions of Clare Rewcastle’s false allegation used as the support for the plot to oust Najib Razak.

The revelations offer further proof that Clare Rewcastle is not an independent journalist, but rather someone prepared to ignore the facts to suit her own ends.



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